The Chrysalis 6


Original CharacterChangelings

  • Prologue and Opening Comments
    ♫ .mp3
  • Chapter 1: Ash and Dust (Part 1)
    ♫ .mp3
  • Chapter 1: Ash and Dust (Part 2)
    ♫ .mp3
  • Chapter 2: Ways of the Wasteland
    ♫ .mp3

Just my audio recording of Phoenix_Dragon's The Chrysalis book. I'll be recording one chapter a week on Mondays, with little to no reading beforehoof to hopefully invoke proper emotion in my voice when I read aloud to anyone who listens.
I will continue to record every week until it is done, or the chapters start getting too big for me to do in a single sitting. Then I will be attempting to record every Saturday and Monday.

Guess what! I now have a Patreon if anyone wants to help me with, among other things, better recording equipment so I can tackle Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, among other things! Give it a look!

No, I'm not going to only record if you contribute to my Patreon. I'm going to record no matter *what*. But there will be benefits if you do contribute, such as being able to listen to the original, pre-editing, outtakes (When there are some, which usually happens when I screw up with a voice), and at higher tiers having access to the original Audacity files themselves! The biggest benefit, which is accessible from the $1 tier, is early access to the recordings! Once I have my first Patron, I'll be attempting the *entire* recording on Saturday, and releasing it to the public on Monday, but will let my patron(s) have access to it as *soon* as I get done with background noise editing!


PLEASE give feedback, I can't get better if nobody tells me!

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