"The Serene Forgetting" by Avox 2

TragedyDarkAlternate Universe

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This story was marked "Teen" by the author.

Author's original description
Alone within the snow-laden forest, the mare lies as still as stone, cradling her only foal.

Comments from the audio reader
An alternate universe story painting a painfully tragic legend of the conception and apocalypse of Equestria with diction fit for poetry.
This story is a narrative story in the style of a legend that obscurely outlines the beginning and end of Equestria, centered on the path of Princess Luna. It deviates from the show for dramatic effect, and the devices, writing, diction, story all put together come out to be a fairly effective, albeit dismal and tragic, work of fan-fiction literature. This work is rather sad, it entails some violence, and it is not very cheery. Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6LX_wjJtNM
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