"The Weak" by Wisdom Thumbs 4


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This story was marked "Teen" and featured a gore tag by the author.

Author's original description
They say minotaurs live by the scars they bear. Bismuth's hide is a map of the world: his life was the blade, and the blade was his life, carried unto a hundred red fields, down a thousand roads, singing among elk, deer, and dragons. He stood at ramparts long since fallen, and was counted a hero in lands forgotten, when ponies had only begun to dream.

Maybe it's all true, but now he only rocks in his chair, stirring at embers, while his deeds turn to rust in the shadows. What kind of scars call that living? And if you ask him, would he tell you?


Not grimdark. Tag is for a reason, though.
Inspired by Jetfire's "Dangerous Business" and "Besides the Will of Evil."

Comments from the audio reader
Not your typical disillusioned warrior story, this work provides a poignant tale along with some information regarding the history of the MLP universe long before anything depicted in the shows.
This story is a first-person war story told through the recollection of Bismuth, an ancient Minotaur -- an original character. This story is almost completely independent from the show, but it has some ties to it. This is much more than a story of a soldier's disillusionment; I was critical before I read it, but I was amazed. This work is rather violent and, naturally, gory. It's very poignant, though.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gZ2SWao4wc
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