"Friends Forever" and "Fading Twilight" by ObeySaturnGod 2


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  • Friends Forever (single chapter)
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  • Fading Twilight (Ch. 1)
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  • Fading Twilight (Ch. 2)
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  • Fading Twilight (Ch. 3)
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  • Fading Twilight (Ch. 4)
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  • Fading Twilight (Ch. 5)
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Both stories were originally marked for "Teen" and "Gore" tags.

Author's Description for "Friends Forever"

Twilight is ecstatic with her new journal and the prospect of writing her life's adventures, eager to begin. However, one unfortunate event leads to a spiral of terrible luck and decisions, culminating in a horrific tragedy. Twilight fails to cope with her changed life, and as she loses her grip on reality, the journal records it all: her pain, her fall into madness, and the horrible lengths she will go to in an effort to reclaim what has been lost.

Modified author's description for "Fading Twilight" (edited to remove spoilers)

A year has passed since the terrible accident that claimed [Twilight Sparkle's sanity]. Spike and his remaining friends have tried to put the past behind them, but when a revelation about their demented friend comes to light, they have no choice but to confront the corrupted Element of Magic. They hold Equestria's fate, for if they fail to save their friend, Twilight will enact an apocalyptic genocide upon the ponies she used to know and love, dooming them all to a fate far worse than death.

Note from the Audio Reader
One of the few multichapter readings I've done and the only series I've done. It is one of my darkest readings, the closest to GrimDark my readings have gotten.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaYt5jHyq1FjxBLphDM-qlTLdbKE5ULNi
Read by CreepyPastaSalad