"Lives' End" by Arvaus 3


Original CharacterChangelings

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This story was marked "Teen" and featured a gore tag on the author's original submission.

Modified Author's Description
Over the course of a single day, Lavender Breeze's life was destroyed. Regretting all the things she's lost, she longs for closure.

Then, in her darkest moment, she finds herself face to face with the thing she hates the most, the thing she blames for everything that has happened.

Note from the Audio Reader
This is my first fanfiction reading and one of my earlier readings overall. Some aspects of the sound quality and a couple errors in the words in the reading will reflect this. However, this is one of my best-received readings. This is an interesting tale of compassion.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhCKtWeI9hg
Read by CreepyPastaSalad