Amnesia: The Equine's Shadow 18


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  • I. Rainfall
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  • II. Memory
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  • III. Fear
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  • IV. Heart
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  • V. Hunted
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  • VI. Pain
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As I wake up, my head aches and my throat burns. Where am I? How did I get here?

Blurry memories of pain and suffering fade in and out as I try to identify my surroundings. There is a vague familiarity to the place but I don't know why.

I begin to ask myself many things. What am I doing here? Where is "here"? Why can't I remember anything? Why can I not even remember my name?

All the same, I can only manage to recall but a few precious memories. Something is very wrong with this place. And my friends—friends whose names I do not even remember—are in terrible danger. Something very bad has happened to this place and everypony in it. My body becomes cold and I am denied every other thought except for one:

I must escape.

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